Larry Avila

While the Pima County Sheriff's Department has not released details, Spokesman Thomas Peine said the missing 11-year-old from Southwest Tucson has been located.

Police Spokesman Thomas Peine said as the search for the missing 11-year-old boy, Larry Avila, continued, the Pima County Sheriff’s Department received a 9-1-1 call with a possible location of the child. The caller reported they had been watching the news at their house and her son told her that he had seen Larry Avila at a neighbor’s residence on South Paseo Don Juan the previous afternoon.

Based on this information, a deputy with the Sheriff’s Search & Rescue Unit drove to the address provided by the caller. He made contact at the house and found the residents there had just seen the report about Larry Avila on the news. Larry was found at this residence, which is home to one of his friends. Larry said he had advised his mother of the sleepover; however, due to a miscommunication this message had never reached her.

Parents are reminded to take proper precautions to prevent situations like these:

Have a communication plan among family members in place Make sure your child knows of the importance to always let you know where they are or where they stay Make sure you as the parent know where your children are at all times If another child is visiting with your family, ensure the child’s parents were notified

The Sheriff’s Department would like to thank all media outlets for their prompt and accurate reporting on the matter. It proved to be instrumental in locating this child.

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