For the All-Northwest Basketball All-Star teams were worried less about positions and more about overall ability. Unlike some of our other teams, we did not have any set number of positions per team, though you will find both perimeter players and post players on each team. 

We also took a page from the Pac-12’s playbook with a 10-person first team, and then six-person second and third teams. 

All-Northwest Girls Basketball All-Stars

First Team

Angel Addleman Fr. - PRCA 

Natalie Bartle Jr. - IRHS 

Tianna Carter So. - CDO 

Leila El-Ali Sr. - CDO 

Mele Hala’ufia Sr. - MAR 

Emily Haynes So. - IHHS 

Jazzy Hughes Sr. - MVHS

Bree Olson Sr. - PRCA 

Alyssa Perez Jr. - MAR 

Baylee Slaughter Jr. - MAR 

Second Team

Meredith Ethridge Sr. - IHHS

Nicole Feltman Sr. - IRHS  

Caroline Finster So. - IRHS 

Brenna Rankin Sr. - CDO 

Shania Lopez Jr. - CDO

Cherish Gotcher So. - PRCA 

Third Team

Faith Copeland Sr. - IHHS

Grace Hala’ufia So. - MAR 

Hope Hisey So. - CDO

Quinnesha Mitchel Sr. - MAR 

Alicia Villanueva Sr. - MVHS

Tessa Mccall Jr. - IRHS 

Honorable Mention - Rachel Hess Jr. PRCA; Sarah Martin Jr. - IHHS; Chelsey Murphy CDO; Lindsey Navis, Jr. – IRHS; Ali Plocki Sr. – MVHS; Zaryna Urbina Jr. - MVHS; Janae Wengert Sr. - MAR 

All-Northwest Boys 

Basketball All-Stars

First Team

Drew Cotton Jr. - MVHS

Chase Deputy Jr. - CDO 

Jack Drescher Sr. - IRHS

Lucas Elliott So. - PRCA 

Cole Gerken Sr. - IRHS

Ben Kastel Jr. - PRCA 

Julian Molina So. - MVHS

Evan Nelson Fr. - MVHS

Connor Pickett Sr.  - IHHS

Andrew Smith Jr. - MAR 

Second Team

Trevor Andresan Jr. – MVHS

Darien Cochran Jr. – MVHS

Tyson Corner Jr. – MAR

Kyle Eggers Sr. -  PRCA 

Zach El Ali -  CDO 

Nick Watson Sr. - IRHS 

Third Team

Blake Haines Jr. - CDO

Jake Langejans Sr. - IRHS

Jack McKearney Jr. – IRHS

Calib McRae So. – MVHS

Dylan Telford Sr. - MAR

Jesus Valenzuela Jr. - MAR


Jared Clark So. – PRCA; JK Delgado Sr. – CDO; Peter Ethridge Fr. – IHHS; Etienne Guibert Sr. – MAR; Michael Haskins Sr. – MAR; Chris Purcel Sr. - CDO


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