Town of Marana

During the regular meeting on Nov. 9, the Marana Town Council voted on several measures to improve sidewalks and walkways along with voting to continue efforts to keep town salaries and jobs competitive.

The council approved a highly-competitive pay philosophy in order to keep and recruit professional staff for the town. The pay philosophy was a yearlong study conducted by the third-party consulting firm, Waters Consulting Group, a national firm that took job analyses, evaluations, surveys and market comparisons to outline a pay plan for Town of Marana employees. New salaries as well as changes in some job descriptions will go into effect on Dec. 28.

Also, approved were three separate plans for construction improvements and the design of walking paths. The town approved the request of $675,000 from the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) fund to go towards the construction of a 14-foot wide asphalt path that will be more than a mile from El Rio Park to Avra Valley Road.

The council also approved spending $80,000 on the construction of a walking path along the south side of Ina Road between Meredith Boulevard and Thornydale Road.

Another approved improvement will include a sidewalk path that will be constructed on Sandario Road for residents living in the Gladden Farms and Rancho Marana communities.  The path will give easier access to the Marana Health Center and Marana schools.

Near the end of the meeting, the council voted to repeal a town code ordinance that required town employees and the Marana police department to meet. The town doesn’t believe these meetings are the best or most productive process. The town will instead present a new concept to maintain a good relationship with the police department. The repeal of this ordinance will not affect the current Meet and Confer.

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