Trevor Dickerson

CDO marketing teacher Terri Bible with Trevor Dickerson.

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Canyon Del Oro senior Trevor Dickerson wasn’t quite sure what he was getting himself into when he decided to campaign to become the National Western Regional Vice President of Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA).

But he sure was happy with the end result.

After presenting a campaign platform, interviewing, and delivering speeches to 14 state associates from the DECA program – which prepares emerging leaders for careers in marketing and related fields – Dickerson was elected to the prestigious position of Western Regional Vice President.

Dickerson joins just three other students across the United States who serve as vice president to the international co-curricular organization.

With his new title, Dickerson will oversee 13 western states and Guam, acting as a liaison between DECA and the state associations that participate in the program. Amidst other responsibilities, Dickerson will act as the region’s spokesperson, promoting technical education funding to area congressional representatives.

He will represent his region at international, national, and state DECA conferences in the coming year. 

Dickerson beat out three other candidates en route to election. It was a huge benchmark in his academic career.

“It was unlike anything I’ve ever felt before,” said Dickerson.

Of course, there were some slight nerves to manage and a sharp focus to maintain before the dream came to fruition. 

“Reality didn’t really set in until I got there,” said Dickerson. “I just saw the end result in mind and did what I had to do to get there.”

The newly elected senior was not alone in celebrating the achievement.

“It was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced as a teacher,” said Terri Bible, Dickerson’s marketing teacher who prepares participating students for DECA competitions each year.

In addition to the unyielding support of his parents and classmates, Dickerson says he owes a lot to Bible.

 “I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for her,” he said. “She was the resource to guide me to success. She showed me the opportunity for state office, and she took me to the international conference last year, which was a huge part of my decision to run this year.”

Dickerson, who was last year named a State Representative for DECA after winning regional competition, decided to run for national office about six months ago. The choice seemed natural for the CDO senior, whose education in Bible’s marketing class and DECA have prepared him for the job field in more ways than one.

“I’ve gotten so much out of it – it’s not just marketing, it’s everything that goes into it – how to interview for a job, write resumes, interact with people, speak in public,” said Dickerson. “I figured if this is what I can get from here (as a State Representative), then I wonder what would happen when I go to the next level.”

Dickerson’s multifaceted campaign platform focused partially on retaining state funding and grant programs for schools involved with Career Technology Education programs.

Bible, who said she is also fearful future cuts could occur, can’t help but feel reassured now that one of her own is at the helm.

“I know that he will be very powerful,” said Bible.

In fact, powerful is one of the adopted mottos of Bible’s class of 13 advanced marketing students involved with DECA.

“We’re a small group – small but powerful,” said Bible.

Six of those 13 students qualified for national competition this year.

Bible has been teaching at CDO for 22 years. 

Dickerson plans to attend Pima Community College and the University of Arizona to pursue political science.

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