Snow at Reid Park Zoo

After being brought to Tucson's Reid Park Zoo in February because of allergies, a zookeeper found the 17-year-old polar bear Snow dead Monday morning.

In a press release, zoo officials said she was in her normal sleeping position and location, with no signs of trauma.

Pathologists will conduct a full necropsy to try to identify a cause of death. However, “we may not have a single reason to point to,” said Zoo Veterinarian Dr. Alexis Moreno. “Although she’s had a number of health issues throughout her life, there were no immediate concerns - she was swimming and eating well yesterday. Her overal appearance and condition since arriving in February had improved dramatically.”

A polar bear's life expectancy is between 20 and 25 years. Snow was said to be doing better since she was relocated to Tucson from Denver.

Early necropsy results may be available as early as Thursday, but final

results will take several weeks.

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