Continental Ranch

Rising tensions between the Continental Ranch Homeowner’s Association Board and some neighborhood residents prompted a number of newcomers to run in the annual board of directors’ election. The results were finalized late last month.

The board, prior to the election, consisted of president John Lambert and members Peggy Bracken, Connie DeLarge, Karie Westphal, Robert Vollbrecht, and Marilyn Stimpson. A seventh seat, formerly belonging to Marana councilwoman Roxanne Ziegler, was vacated after she resigned in February, saying she no longer wanted to work alongside Lambert. In a June 20 meeting, she asked for Lambert’s resignation. 

Westphal’s seat was also open  after she decided not to run again, making four total spots open for the taking.

Running this year were newcomers Nick Westphal (husband to Karie), Bill Dawes, Dorothy Bruce, Richard Roberts, Larry Lemieux, and Sandra Padilla.

Incumbents Peggy Bracken and Marilyn Stimpson aimed for reelection.

Leading the way was Nick Westphal with 943 votes. He will serve as first vice president. 

Trailing Westphal were Bracken and Dawes with 924 and 900 votes respectively. Bracken will take on the role of secretary, while Dawes will act as second vice president.

The final spot went to Stimpson, who managed 851 votes. She will serve as a director. 

Lambert remains the board president, DeLarge is the treasurer, and Vollbrecht is a director. 

Failing to achieve election were Lemieux (354 votes), Roberts (304 votes), Bruce (301 votes), and Padilla (283 votes). 

Following the election, Lambert appeared at a Marana council meeting to ask for Ziegler’s resignation, claiming she is using her position on council as leverage when it comes to neighborhood issues. Ziegler, who was not present at the meeting due to personal reasons, denied Lambert’s claim in a subsequent phone interview. Council cannot require her resignation without a recall election.

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