Jeff Flake

Sen. Jeff Flake stands with members of the Oro Valley Town Council Vice Mayor Lou Waters, at left, and Councilman Joe Hornat, right.

Hannah McLeod

Ariz. Sen. Jeff Flake was the guest speaker during the annual awards banquet hosted by the Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce on Thursday.

Flake, who is back in Arizona while Congress is in recess, said he expects more bills to start passing through the legislature in the coming session.

Flake, in his first term as a senator, said he has learned that the Senate is a lot difference for the House of Representatives. The house just needed a majority to push bills through, while the Senate has filibuster rules and requires a true consensus before a bill makes it to the floor.

With some talk of changing filibuster rules over the last year, Flake said he’s glad both Democrats and Republicans have backed away from making major changes.

“I hope to keep the rules as they are,” he said. “The problems in the Senate are with behavior, not the rules.”

Flake is a part of major legislation currently moving through the House of Representatives in his first term. After being elected, Flake was asked to become a member of what is commonly known as the Gang of 8. The eight lawmakers were charged with coming up with immigration overhaul.

With the major bill passing the Senate, Flake said he is optimistic it will move through the House, and will eventually be signed into law by President Obama.

Flake also spoke about the major points of the immigration bill, the upcoming budget debate when session resumes and much more. Read The Explorer Newspaper on Wednesday, Aug. 21 for more.

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