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Pima Community College is the top Arizona community college in a national ranking of student math competitions.

Overall, PCC tied for second out of 18 schools in the Southwest Region for the American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges competition. Pima’s score of 185 was the best among Arizona community colleges competing. Austin Community College had the best overall score with 194 points.

The competition consists of two exams administered at each competing community college during fall and spring semesters, rounds 1 and 2, respectively. Each one-hour test is at the pre-calculus mathematics level, with questions from a standard syllabus in College Algebra and Trigonometry.

Team scores were a sum of each college’s top five student scores in each round. Pima’s team scores from rounds 1 and 2 were 103.5 and 81.5, respectively.

David Simmons was PCC’s top overall scorer, with 43 points in the two rounds tying him for second overall in the region. His first-round score of 23 was the best PCC student score in either round.

Among the other individual highlights for Pima was Tanya Anderson, who was one of five students who tied for 11th Place in the second round. Anderson started her PCC education in the  developmental math series’ MAT 086 – Prealgebra, a transition from arithmetic to algebra.

“Tanya started with me in the Fall of 2011 in MAT 086. She worked hard and made her way through to complete MAT 151 – College Algebra in the Fall of 2012,” said Makyla Hays, PCC East Campus Mathematics Faculty. “I am so proud of how far she has come and how well she was able to do on the AMATYC exam.”

The College had four other students place in the top 20 overall: Barton Yadlowski (37.5 points, tied for seventh); Jessie Petrosky (31.5, 12th); Kade Gigliotti (29.5, 14th); and Joshua Mize (29, tied for 15th).

In Round 2, as a team, Pima ranked first with 81.5 points. Pima’s top student Round 2 scores and rankings were: Simmons (20, Second Place); Yadlowski (17.5, Sixth Place), and, among those in a five-way tie for 11th Place were Yi Yang and Anderson (15.5).

In Round 1, as a team, Pima ranked first with 103.5 points. Pima’s top student Round 1 scores and rankings were: Simmons (23, Ninth Place); Dwen Pierce (22, three-way 12th Place tie); and, in a four-way tie for 19th Place Yiran Duan and Yadlowski (20).

Student Math League, which holds the competition, has more than 165 colleges in more than thirty-five states as well as Bermuda, involving more than 8,000 community college math students.

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