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Governor Jan Brewer today approved and accepted a Master Energy Plan to help lead Arizona into a prosperous and reliable energy future.

The Plan – titled emPOWER Arizona: Executive Energy Assessment and Pathways – was a collaborative effort by the Governor’s Office of Energy Policy, Arizona Commerce Authority, Arizona Legislature, Arizona Corporation Commission and leading industry partners. It reflects a key priority of Governor Brewer’s “Four Cornerstones of Reform” policy agenda and represents the first comprehensive energy document in the state in more than two decades.

“The creation of emPOWER Arizona reflects a number of my core priorities as Governor: strengthening our economy, protecting our environment, federalism and ensuring our long-term energy security,” said Governor Brewer. “Equally important, it ensures our energy decisions are made in Arizona, by Arizonans and that energy remains affordable, reliable and untethered from federal overregulation. This is a significant step in the right direction.”

The Governor’s energy policy goals include identifying best practices to increase solar energy development; educating our next generation of energy professionals; positioning Arizona as a global leader in energy-sector workforce development; fostering statewide coordination to reduce energy consumption; and establishing an Energy Advisory Board to oversee, review and update the plan – all with the ultimate aim to improve and sustain our critical energy sector for generations to come. The balance of the document provides current status and 10-year outlooks on a number of energy topics which will be updated on an on-going basis.

Arizona’s Master Energy Plan was developed by the Arizona Master Energy Plan Task Force, appointed by Governor Brewer in 2013 with assistance by the Energy Policy Innovation Council at Arizona State University. The Task Force consisted of 40 members and was divided into four work groups: Transportation, Fuels and Infrastructure Planning; Business Development, Regulation and Workforce; Environment, Natural Resources and Land Use; and Technology Development.

The emPOWER Arizona: Executive Energy Assessment and Pathways can be viewed here: bit.ly/1fwyAGF.

The Executive Order approving emPOWER Arizona: Executive Energy Assessment and Pathways and establishing an Energy Advisory Board can be viewed here: bit.ly/1bJP56N.

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