Citizens of Marana can expect to hear more from Marana Town Staff in the month of February. Staff will be officially revising its current Strategic Plan in March, but not before visiting civic centers, local businesses, and homeowners associations to receive input for what the Town is calling the Strategic Plan II.

“We are taking the show to the people,” said Marana Public Information Officer, Rodney Campbell. “Before we implement the new town plan, we want the input of the Marana citizens.”

Citizens will have the opportunity to attend an open house on Feb. 23 at the Wheeler Taft Abbett Sr. Branch Library at 6 p.m,, where they can express their desires for the new plan. 

The Town will also be creating an internet chat on the Town’s website, where citizens can voice their input online to Town Manager Gilbert Davidson. Campbell said the plan is revised every two or three years to compensate for the changing desires of citizens.

“This was never meant to be a document that sat and collected dust,” he said.

The Town is still in the preliminary stages of receiving input. So far, staff has held a couple of meetings and reviewed comment cards given to departments, but realize that citizens need more time to give feedback before the plan, about 30 pages in length, is finalized by Marana Town Council.

The Town plans to use citizen feedback when considering its budget development and prioritization. Campbell said he does not expect the plan to change drastically, as the previous plan, adopted by Council in 2009, has received a generally good response from citizens. Still, he hopes Town events such as the open house will give citizens an opportunity to make recommendations for Marana’s future. The Strategic Plan II will maintain its five focus areas of commerce, community, heritage, progress/innovation, and recreation, but will eliminate previous goals of the Strategic Plan that have already been accomplished.

Some of these accomplishments include: a completed economic roadmap, the approval for Marana’s Regional Landfill Specific Plan, revisions of flood maps to reduce flood insurance rates, the opening of Marana’s first cemetery, the completion of Wild Burro Trailhead, the completion of Crossroads at Silverbell Park, the creation of the Marana history book, and more.

Gilbert Davidson will speak at the open house about the Town of Marana’s future, which he has continually demonstrated optimism for.

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