Lamenting library closing

Having been a patron of the Geasa-Marana Library for the past 10 years, I would like to thank the staff who have always been helpful, courteous, and professional. 

When the library system switched to a digital format they were able to help us effortlessly take advantage of all the new services. The two or three times a week our family used the library will be sorely missed, We do not look forward to driving the extra 12 miles to Wheeler-Taft even though I am sure their holdings and services are greater. Your article of January 18th never mentioned why it was necessary to close the library before a new facility was available or even firmly planned. No one mentioned cost savings. I am sure very few people would find a two-hour per month library visit at a bookmobile adequate to their needs. 

Lastly, I would like to ask Mayor Honea if a viable “downtown” Marana really does not need a continuous working library?

—David Parker

(Editor’s note: In the Jan. 17 article it states that a it could cost up to $700,000 to make needed renovations to the building, which was not originally designed to be a library. The current market value of the property is only $470,800.  The story also states that Marana Unified School District can use the building with little or no renovations to house offices for its computer-based and technological programs.)

Get over it

Clyde Steele’s columns and letters to the editor criticizing Donald Trump and Doug Ducey and Republicans in general are getting rather tiresome. He should have learned from his hero’s (Barack Obama) saying in 2009. “Elections have consequences, I won, you lost, get over it”. Words a lot of Democrats need to adhere here to.

—Al McDonald

Budget safety?

What’s Next ? Where is it likely to go from here? The residents of Oro Valley, or anyone within the town limits caught with their hands on a cell phone while driving is NOW subject to a fine of $50 and up. Did you consider why this kind of action has gone into effect? 

Was it because of a recent accident? Don’t think so, can’t remember one. But, if you check the town’s financials, you might find the answer. 

Again, why the tax? It’s simple folks. The town is losing money from the golf course purchase and have to find ways to make it up so they don’t look so foolish. I don’t blame the council for being creative: one has to be creative when there is a white elephant in the room and no hope of turning the beast around. It’s obvious that the little extra sales tax we’re already paying isn’t getting the job done. Now really, you mean to tell me that experienced drivers cannot drive safely with one hand, or, the town doesn’t trust someone at a stoplight that has a hand on a cell phone. This is silly to the point that there is not point. 

What happens to someone from Marana that drives down Tangerine and gets stopped? Is this fair, or are we losing just another liberty? 

We are not stupid. Stupid is texting while driving. Stupid is putting on makeup while driving. Stupid is turning to talk to someone in the back seat while driving. Stupid is reaching to the glove compartment to get something while the car is moving. Stupid is not trusting the people in Oro Valley to maintain good driving habits. Well, the council has just slipped one past us for “safety” reasons. Safety for us or safety for the budget?

—John Spitler


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