Town of Marana

The Marana Town Council approved to further reconsider changes to the ordinance regarding two medical marijuana dispensaries in Marana at the council meeting on Oct. 1. The change would allow for the owners to buy marijuana from other dispensaries and sell it at their own.

The current ordinance requires that all medical marijuana sold at a dispensary must be cultivated on-site. For Nature Med Inc. owner Michael Schmidt, this current ordinance creates a problem.

“That is not physically possible and would basically put both dispensaries out of business,” said Schmidt who says that a dispensary cannot make enough medical marijuana on its own. 

State law permits dispensary owners to acquire medical marijuana from other sources. Schmidt says by allowing this, his dispensary would not only stay in business, but he’d be able to offer a bigger variety. The council asked questions to clarify and then approved to reconsider the ordinance.

In order to modify one line of the ordinance, the council will need to revisit the entire ordinance again to delete the line; “a medical marijuana dispensary must cultivate all medical marijuana offered for sale on-site.”

During the meeting, John Kmiec of Wasteland Resources, gave a presentation on the Saguaro Bloom Development and the options for acquiring wastewater infrastructure and return flows from the area. During the first presentation, on Sept. 10, the council was given two options for the project.

The first is the Avra Valley alignment, which is the collection system at Avra Valley Road that connects to the north Marana collection system on Sanders Road. The project would take around 12-16 months and cost about $11.4 million. The second option is the Tangerine/Downtown alignment, which is the collection system north of the Rillito area that connects to Tangerine and Interstate 10 and extends into downtown Marana. This project would cost about $7.4 million and take around 20-24 months. 

The council leaned toward the Tangerine/Downtown alignment, but not without concerns. Vice Mayor Jon Post voiced his concern of the cost of the project and how the town would even pay for it - a concern that other council members agreed upon. He also mentioned that he doesn’t see there being a lot of return of public money. After repeated comments expressing the same concerns, the council approved to continue to further discuss the Saguaro Bloom Development area.

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