It appears Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick will become the representative for one of the largest congressional districts in the nation, defeating Republican Jonathan Paton in the race for Arizona’s District 1.

The race remained close throughout Tuesday night, but after precincts in the Navajo Nation were counted, Kirkpatrick took a sizable lead.

As of Thursday morning, state numbers show Kirkpatrick with 102,558 votes, while Paton has 95,393.

"The voters of District 1 have spoken, and I will never forget that they are the reason I am returning to Congress,” Kirkpatrick said. “I will be deeply honored to represent them again.

"There are few districts in our nation quite like CD1, and its diversity and complexities are not always understood by outsiders. But the voters of this district ultimately decide who represents them, and their voice has been heard.

“I thank my opponent, Jonathan Paton, for the spirited race he ran, and I extend my hand to the folks who voted for him – I will work hard to give them a voice in D.C. That’s what representation is all about. It’s about listening, about finding common ground, about working toward solutions.”

Throughout the campaign, Kirkpatrick said she was reminded of what unites the more than 80 communities across CD1, which extends from Southern Arizona, north to the Utah border.

Kirkpatrick said she understand that creating jobs, protecting Medicare, strengthening education and helping veterans are top priorities of the district.

“These are not partisan issues, they are the very foundation of our future,” she said. “I ran on these issues, and they will be my priorities in Congress. I look forward to once again representing the good people of District 1 – my extended family.”

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