Marana’s Founders’ Day has always been a family affair, with a lot of activities geared to the kids. This year’s edition was no different as there were plenty of things to do for kids of all ages, so who better to give a review of the event than 6-year old Tyler Allis? 

The following review is a verbal re-telling of the day, with some “guiding” by his father to make sure he covered the event in detail:

Parades are great, but I especially like parades where they throw candy. They threw a lot of candy at the Marana Founders’ Day parade. All you had to do was wave to the floats and they threw you candy. 

Candy was not the only cool part of the parade, there was plenty to see. There were a lot of really neat vehicles. There were kids on BMX bicycles, including a two on unicycles. There were Shriners in little mini cars. They would do tricks and then give high fives to all the kids. There were a bunch of people on horses, and a lot of floats. There were fire trucks and police motor cycles and even a monster truck.

At the end there were people from the Marana Health Center, and one of them asked his girlfriend to marry him. She said “yes” even though he was wearing a big purple heart and yellow tights. They called it a “proposal” and I learned that everybody, especially girls and ladies, really like proposals

The rest of Founders Day was over at the park and there was so much stuff to do. Since the day was kind of hot, we decided to get something to drink. Although we could have gotten an Eeggee, ice cream or a snow cone, we just decided to get water so that we would have more money for good later on. 

The food bank was selling pancakes to help them make money so they could help feed people who don’t have enough food. They smelled really good, but I already ate breakfast and decided to come back later. That was not a good idea. When we came back later they had run out of pancakes and were cleaning up. We decided to get fry bread instead. We had some at the Christmas Tree Lighting Festival and it was so yummy that I wanted more. We got it with powdered sugar and honey and it was great. Next time I might want to get the meat and cheese, because that looked good too. 

Last year I wanted to go in the jumping castles, but they cost money. This year they were free and I got to go on a zip line and into a giant ball that you could run in down a blow-up track. It was so fun that I went on a few times. A lot of kids had the same idea, but the lines never got too long which made it better. 

There was lots to see on the stage, music and dancers and fun games like hula hoops, sack races and beanbag toss. They do a lot of beanbag toss in Marana because it is a lot of fun. 

They also had this big area where all of these people gave me stuff. My dad called them vendors and he said they were all from Marana. There was a gym where they let me try on boxing gloves and taught me some punches, there were people with a comedy show where they will have music and a magician and a lot of people were giving away pens. 

I saw Boy Scouts selling beef jerky, people adopting puppies and a lot of people selling cool stuff they made. There were karate classes, a car show, a lot of old tractors and a guy named Ed, who is the Mayor, which is like a president, but of a town not the whole country.

 Tyler Allis, a kindergartner and son of Marana News Reporter Brad Allis, is a big fan of parades with candy.

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