Mark Napier, Associate Director of UA Parking and Transportation Services and Annie-Lourdes Francois, Orthopedic Surgery Medical Resident at UMC celebrate the recent accoplishment

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The solar-powered digital Pay Stations were placed in operation on campus on August 1, 2011. Since then they have been extensively used and now we have reached the 250,000th customer transaction today. To celebrate the occasion, UA Parking and Transportation Services (PTS) will acknowledge the 250,000th customer by presenting that person an award and credit to park at the Pay Stations on campus.

PTS administrators have closely monitored the system, and have identified the Pay Stations 250,000th transaction. The lucky person is Annie-Lourdes Francois of the UA Orthopedic Surgery department.

“We’ll give that person a coupon for free metered parking. We know the person parks at metered spaces, because that’s what they’re doing,” said Mark Napier, PTS Associate Director of Operations. “We’re really excited. It’s a milestone. A quarter of a million transactions is pretty neat.”

Since the 35 Pay Stations replaced around 450 coin meters, PTS has been pleased to note the popularity of the new addition to campus. The Pay Stations, which process on average 1,000 transactions each day, allow drivers the convenience of using their credit card or Cat Card to pay for parking rather than scrounging for loose change.

In addition, PTS partnered with Verrus Pay by Phone to provide the new pay-by-phone app, which affords drivers a more convenient method of paying for metered parking. After downloading the app onto their Smartphone, Pay-by-Phone sends a text page to the parker when time is about to expire. The parker can then use their phone to pay for additional parking without needing to run back to their car, or simply be reminded time is about to expire to avoid the potential of a ticket.

Further information about the new solar-powered digital Pay Stations and the Pay-by-Phone app may be found at: .

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