Pima County Master Gardener Plant Clinic program

Pima County Master Gardeners are university-trained volunteers who serve as community educators. They work with the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension to provide researched-based information on environmentally responsible gardening and landscaping to the public.

Services to County residents include:

Free plant clinic to answer plant and gardening questions

Workshops and classes on gardening and landscaping

Information booths at various farmers markets and libraries

Bi-annual plant sale

Demonstration gardens (offering regular free tours)

Annual Home Garden Tour

There are currently approximately 180 active Master Gardener Volunteers here in Pima County.


One of the many functions of Pima County Master Gardener Volunteers is to staff the Plant Clinic. They answer landscape and gardening questions over the phone or examine plant samples brought into the clinics.

Demonstrations are held from October through April at various public libraries including each Wednesday afternoon at the Wilmot Library and Friday afternoon at the Oro Valley Library.

For information, call 626-5161.


Oracle getting another cell tower

Many Oracle residents will be receiving better cell service thanks to a new antenna tower that was approved by the Pinal County Board of Supervisors. 

In Wednesday’s Board meeting, the Supervisors approved Verizon Wireless’ application to place a 150 foot monopole northeast of the intersection of Oracle Turbine Station Road and American Avenue.  Although the tower is owned by Verizon Wireless, other carriers will be able to lease space on it for their equipment, thus eliminating the need for multiple poles.

The application came in the form of a Special Use Permit.  The Planning and Zoning Commission passed the tower plans unanimously with ten stipulations.  No one from the public commented of the issue and the Supervisors approved the Verizon application with a 3-0 vote.

“This issue has been around for eight years,” Supervisor Pete Rios said.  “There are a lot of areas that have intermittent or no cell service and this becomes an issue of safety for the Oracle Fire Department.  The reason why no one is here to comment on the tower is thanks to the hard work by Ross Hopkins and Chad Ward.  These two individuals have worked with residents and businesses in the area to find a suitable location that would be acceptable to Verizon and the residents.  My sincere appreciation goes to these two gentlemen for their efforts at bringing the community together and finding an equitable solution.” 

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