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David Joseph acknowledges misuse of funds, but will rectify

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  • Dave for LD 11 posted at 1:32 pm on Wed, Oct 17, 2012.

    Dave for LD 11 Posts: 2

    Nice try Scooper. i can identify the props on the ballot, but haven't memorized them by their number - because there are so many of them. Which I take as another sign of how much this legislature is distrusted.

    I pointed out that I prefer panels of medical professionals to panels of profit driven insurance company executives evaluating medical procedure efficacy, that I liked that my daughters can be on my plan until age 26 and that $1 BILLION was returned to our fellow Americans because of the Affordable Care Acts' 80-20 rule.

    Solar Panels on the CAP canal was an example of an innovative way to use Solar without covering up vast areas of our precious land, with the added benefit of lowering evaporation saving our limited water. Certainly an idea worth considering, and more worthy than adding nuclear.

    Regarding veteran's health care - I simply pointed out that Mr. Melvin who regularly rails against "socialized" health care had earned through his service in the Navy reserve to use Government Provided health care - in this case TriCare. And I wish we all had access to it!

    Feel free to check my wheels anytime!

  • Scooper posted at 7:20 am on Sat, Oct 13, 2012.

    Scooper Posts: 13

    This is the same candidate Joseph that, when asked in a debate, could not identify the Props on the ballot, the same person that said Obamacare will "take us to a better place", and wants to put solar panels over the CAP canals. He also chided retired veterans about the fact that they get health insurance as part of their retirement package for serving our Country. There seems to be at least one or two lug nuts lose on his wheel.


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