In the race for Legislative District 11 State Representative, Republicans Adam Kwasman and Steve Smith have claimed the two available House seats, defeating Democrat Dave Joseph.

Smith led the way with 35,860 votes (36.82 percent), while Kwasman earned 33,517 votes (34.42 percent).

The two ran a campaign alongside Sen. Al Melvin, who formerly represented District 26, and was reelected for District 11 Senate this election. Because of redistricting that would have placed him against Melvin, Smith chose to run for State Representative.

"I'm glad to see my teammates got in," said Smith. "It looks like it was a good day for Arizona -- or, most of it. All the credit goes to God, I think it's his will that I've been placed in this position again, and I think people understand what we were able to do the last few years and what they can look forward to in the next few years, unlike with our President, who somehow mysteriously won again."

Smith, previously a Senator in District 23, said he will continue working on bills that he initiated there, relating to immigration reform, tax reform, and education.

"I appreciate those that supported me, and to those that didn't, I hope to gain your trust," said Smith.

Kwasman also expressed his gratitude in being elected, and said the victory came from a collaborative effort with an appealing message.

“We had great volunteers,” he said. “When we talked about the principals of free market and limited government in a way that included everyone, it sent out a positive message to people. We had a volunteer core willing to get out there. We were relentless, and we never let up. I am just so humbled and proud, and looking forward to serving all citizens of LD11. Thank you to everyone.”

Joseph, who earned 28.59 percent of the vote, said he thinks the superior number of registered Republicans in the district hurt his chances. Still, despite the outcome, he remains positive.

“We ran a great race, and actually outperformed based district registration,” he said.

To those who voted for him, Joseph said, “Thank you. I am honored and humbled.”

Smith was not immediately available for comment.

Results are still considered unofficial.

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