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Councilman Zinkin defends trip

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  • John Flanagan posted at 11:53 am on Wed, May 22, 2013.

    John Flanagan Posts: 380

    It seems to me that Zinkin, whom I do not know, did nothing wrong. The trip expenses seem reasonable. Anyone reading this who comes from places like NY, Chicago, LA, and other areas, including most of the high tax suburbs across America, is aware of big budget trips called "working vacations" to all kinds of plush hotels, at taxpayer expense, of course. New York politicians, of whom I am personally familiar, are particularly arrogant about taxpayer funded trips and "business" meetings in which few expenses and few comforts are spared.
    During a Long Island hurricane many years ago, some government workers addressing the recovery times,complained that politicians were grabbing up the needed helicopters and police resources to make on site press conferences and appearances to show everyone how great they were and how responsive.....what a crock, just a publicity stunt.
    As for our Federal government, money is no object for all kinds of alleged meetings, some of which could be done In government meeting rooms....but more fun to have them in five star taxpayer expense, of course.
    And finally, before you attack Zinkin, remember her royal highness Michelle Obama, whose afternoon tea parties probably exceed Zinkin's trip expense times two. There are also those many trips and vacations she takes with friends and family.
    Let's face it, the Mayor could have handled this matter in house, if he had a complaint about this trip. If it was beneficial to the town in terms of navigating the Federal-State bureaucratic monopoly game, where small towns need to apply for a piece of the fatted calf, maybe this would help OroValley.


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