The Arizona Game and Fish Department released a video on their YouTube channel showing the capture of the bighorn sheep with aerial net guns last November in mountains near Yuma.

The department released them into the Santa Catalina Mountains in November in efforts to restore the population in the area.

To date, eight of the original 30 sheep have since died, and seven of the eight sheep deaths have been attributed to mountain lions, where one has been attributed to capture myopathy. Though efforts have been made to possibly track and kill each offending mountain lion, only two have been killed.

Since the sheep have been released, two mountain lions have been killed as a result of them killing a bighorn sheep. The plan negotiated by the committee to specifically and knowingly target the mountain lion that killed a bighorn sheep is the result of weighing numerous options that have been used in the past, which ranged from killing numerous mountain lions prior to the release of the sheep to not killing any mountain lions at all.

There are no plans to discontinue the project.

Click Here to watch the video:

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