“If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball” and many other quotes from the movie “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story,” were heard Friday during the dodgeball tournament at Mountain View High School.

Last week was the school’s Wellness Week where numerous lunchtime activities throughout the week culminated Friday with a dodgeball tournament to fund next year’s activities, which they believe will no longer be funded by the Communities Putting Prevention to Work grant.

In the gym, more than 120 students dressed in elaborate costumes filled the stands. There was the team Caucasian Persuasion clad in all white shorts, shirts and headbands who had some fellow students dressed up as their coaches with suits, whistles and fake mustaches. There was the team Tools at School in bright orange safety vests, jean shorts and thin, plastic yellow construction helmets. Teams names range from the Cereal Killers to Ball in Babes and from Wolf Pack to The Geek Squad.

Co-organizer Lynne Cote, who is a Bio-Medical teacher at the school and a facilitator for the Health and Medical Sciences Academy stood center court in the Mountain View High School gym as she watched student mind the five D’s of dodgeball; “dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge” (which is another quote from the movie that was heard).

“I think it’s great,” Cote said about the event. “I think if we would have had more time to organize everything, more would have participated. Next year, we are going to make it like an annual event. I think we’ll have more teams.”

This year, 20 teams comprised of six players came out and paid $3 per player to participate, while the numerous spectators paid a $2 admission.

The two simultaneous games of dodgeball were played on two half-basketball courts. Before the game begins, the teams of six line up on the baseline of each court. When the whistle is blown, the players try to get to one of the five balls mid-court.

From there they try and hit or dodge the thrown balls.

A player is out if they are hit by a ball. The thrower is out if their ball is caught. And if one player deflects a ball with a ball they are holding and that ball is then caught, the thrower is out and a player may re-enter on the team who caught the ball.

Mountain View senior Tanner Sharp, who was on the team Caucasian Persuasion, really enjoyed how the school and students were able to jointly put the tournament together.

“It’s fun to come together and play with your friends,” Sharp said. “It’s a friendly competition where we played against out friends, but we still got a little competitive. Whether you win or lose it is still a lot of fun.”

Mickey Bagley, who is a member of the Health and Medical Sciences Academy, said the students were excited leading up to the tournament.

“Everyone wanted to do dodgeball,” Bagley said. “It used to be a fundraiser, but it was a big hit so we decided to bring it back.

“It’s awesome. Its great to see people come out and support the students and their school.”

There were smoothies, basketball games, mini demonstrations and classes on Zumba, yoga and boxing. Students also made their own trail mix bars.

For every nine weeks of school, the school has one week where it highlights the importance of wellness while emphasizing healthy eating and leading an active life.

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