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Two MVHS students arrested for conspiracy to commit murder

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  • pce posted at 12:37 pm on Sun, Mar 23, 2014.

    pce Posts: 1

    It’s important to me that people know that this case was dismissed on Feb. 28th, and all charges dropped. It’s important, because I am Wyatt’s Mom. It’s interesting that all news outlets were very eager to jump all over this story in the beginning, but were not so keen on reporting the fact that the case was dismissed, and all charges dropped. I know of only one news source who reported the case dismissal. I can't begin to explain how awful this entire thing was. To have my son's photo plastered across the news and all over the Internet is beyond painful. My son is a minor, so I don't know how/why all of the press was allowed, but it's too late now. My hope is that Wyatt's life is restored, and his future intact. His life-long goal has been, and still is, to become a Marine. We are hopeful he can still achieve his dream. For all of our supporters (we are blessed with many), thank you.


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