The Marana Town Council unanimously approved the building of a 39-acre subdivision near Tortolita Road and Moore Road on Nov. 15, a motion that might indicate hope in difficult economic times.

The Lennar subdivision, to be called “Tortolita Reserve”, will offer 79 single-family lots that adhere to R-8 guidelines, which requires a minimum lot size of 8,000 square feet. While the smallest lot will be 8,128 square feet, the average lot will provide more living space, averaging 9,440 square feet.

The subdivision will also aim to provide families the opportunity to come together with a recreation area of over 15,000 square feet. The area will consist of a ramada, grill, and park surrounded by paved trails.

In a similar resolution, the council also unanimously approved the development of the Cascada North Specific Plan. As a result, the plan will combine two existing developments, known as The Northgate Specific Plan and the Cascade Specific Plan, which is composed of residences, offices, and commercial buildings near Twin Peaks Road and Interstate 10.

The Cascada North Specific Plan will include about 557 acres of the Cascada Specific Plan and 108 acres of the Northgate Plan. The newly approved zone will offer a maximum of 1,387 residential units as well as a recreational area that will incorporate the wildlife and six acres of parks.

In other business, the council passed a proposal that impacts the placement and size requirements of political signs during election time.

Previously, signs could have a maximum of 32-square-feet, regardless of location. The new resolution proposed that any sign located in a residential zone not be greater than 16 feet, while still allowing 32-square-foot signs in any other area.

The resolution also elaborated on the placement of election signs. Previously, restrictions were limited only from being placed in the public right-of-way.

The new amendment will prevent signs from being placed in any area considered hazardous, which might obstruct clear vision or be dangerous to drivers.

As an effort to keep the streets of Marana clean, the council further approved that political signs must be removed no more than 15 days after an election has taken place.

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