Gabrielle Giffords

Former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords unveils a new ad calling out Congress for failing to act on the gun violence issue. CNN and MSNBC will air the spot before and after the State of the Union address on Tuesday.


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John Flanagan

The reason Congress did not act is not because of the NRA or some right wing resistance. If the government has been unable to disarm the Bloods and the Crips, the Mafia, the Mexican and black gangs which operate with impunity, as well as the armed robbers, hold up men, and street muggers, then we must conclude we are a violent nation. Hollywood parasites and hypocrits feed the public with millions of images of gratuitous violence and mayhem regularly......but anti-gun liberals want to deprive law abiding citizens of self protection. The Second Amendment cannot be nullified because it is enshrined in our Constitution. Violent and crazy individuals, who are mostly just plain evil, would still get a firearm somewhere, but a well armed public would at least be able to defend themselves.

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