Marana School District officials were pleased with the results of last week’s special election, as voters approved the maintenance and operation override, which will result in $6.4 million in renewed funding.

Known as Proposition 400, voters approved the renewal of the 10 percent budget override that originally began in 2007. The measured passed with 6,533 yes votes, and 5,695 voting against it.

Proposition 400 was not about asking voters for new money, the Marana School District requested the funds to continue through the 10 percent maintenance and operation budget that was previously approved by voters in 2007, which was scheduled to phase down by one-third for each of the next three years.

If voters had rejected the override, school officials said they would have had a $6.4 million reduction in the overall budget, which would have led to increased class size, and the elimination or reduction in the level of classroom and support services it currently provides students in aid, counseling, library, athletics, physical education, fine arts, extra-curricular activities, and remedial, elective courses and advanced  classes.

“It is important that public education is founded upon strong partnerships between schools, parents and local communities,” said Doug Wilson, the district’s superintendent. “An election, such as this, was an opportunity for community members to vote based on their beliefs and values. We are extremely grateful that our community showed their support for public education and their commitment to our students.”

MUSD is fortunate to have received approval, as voters have not been as willing to approve school overrides in the last year.

Last November, voters rejected a similar measure in the Vail School District, located east of Tucson. Vail went back to voters with the same question this year, receiving the approval.

Other school districts still failed this year, with voters rejecting overrides in the Sunnyside and Tanque Verde school districts.

In Pinal County, SaddleBrook residents played a key role in rejecting a bond for the Oracle School District.

According to the unofficial results, the bond failed 4,125 to 1,851.

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