Police and Crime

Oro Valley

On Thursday, Sept. 12, at 8:18 p.m., Oro Valley police responded to a call about damage to a homeowner’s patio. The caller said an anonymous person has called and complained about the condition of his dogs. Each complaint never led to anything. The caller said two weeks ago he found his dogs outside of his backyard on the east side of his property. He said someone opened the back gate and let them out. He put three bike locks to the gate to prevent it from happening again. Today, the caller said that sometime between 10 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. someone ripped open the gate that leads into his patio and backyard. The damage totaled to $25. No items were stolen and the dogs were safely in the house. The caller said he would prosecute for the damage.


On Saturday, Sept. 7, at 8:36 a.m., Oro Valley police responded to a call about damage to a church property. The caller said that between 7 p.m. on Sept. 6 to 8 a.m. on Sept. 7 the light covers on three pole lights were damaged. The total damaged cost is about $100. 


On Friday, Sept. 6, at 7:12 p.m., Oro Valley police responded to someone shoplifting at the Walmart on East Tangerine Road. The Walmart employee said she saw a woman who was acting suspiciously and ended up following her to the shoe section of the store. The employee saw the woman take off her old socks and shoes and then put on a new pair of socks and shoes. The woman then put the old socks and shoes in the box where she took the new socks and shoes from and then walked out of the store. The Walmart employee stopped her. The woman was placed under arrest for shoplifting. 


On Monday, Sept. 2, at 10:45 p.m., Oro Valley police responded to a call about domestic violence. The caller said that his daughter and her boyfriend argued earlier that day. The boyfriend got upset and punched the windshield of the caller’s car, which his daughter drove. The daughter added that her boyfriend sometimes cut his wrists. The caller said him, his son and his daughter’s boyfriend had argued earlier about the car but that was it. The caller did not press charges but the boyfriend could no longer come to his or his son’s girlfriend’s house.


On Sunday, Sept. 1, at about 4 p.m., Oro Valley police responded to a call about a theft. The caller told police that she believes her daughter took a bar stool and a wireless Internet modem from her apartment between Aug. 13 and Sept. 1. The caller is in the process of moving and says her daughter is the only person who has a key to her apartment. The officer is waiting to receive additional contact information from the caller.

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