March Of Dimes

A baby’s first steps are one of the most precious moments in life, and the March of Dimes believes every baby deserves a healthy first step. Take your own first steps by joining March for Babies and make sure more babies get that chance.  Join us in walking together for stronger, healthier babies.

Premature birth is the leading cause of newborn death in the U.S.  Those who survive an early birth may have lifelong health problems such as cerebral palsy, vision and hearing loss, and learning disabilities. The March of Dimes, the leading nonprofit organization for maternal and infant health, has worked for more than 75 years to help babies get a healthy start in life.  

About four million babies were born in the United States last year, and the March of Dimes helped each and every one through research, education, vaccines, and breakthroughs.  

Although you may not realize it, you have been touched by the March of Dimes if:

• You or your child received a polio vaccine; 

• You took the B vitamin folic acid before and during pregnancy to prevent birth defects; 

• You or someone you know is one of the 21,320 parents who had a premature baby in Arizona this year;

• You had a healthy baby due in part to good prenatal care at home and from your doctor or nurse.

Join the thousands of walkers for March for Babies in Tucson on Sunday, April 27 at Reid Park. It’s a family-friendly event where the community comes together to raise money to support research, services, education and advocacy in the fight against prematurity, birth defects and infant mortality.  We welcome families, friends and individuals to attend the event. Babies are especially welcome. 

Let’s walk together for stronger, healthier babies.

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