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Hundreds line up to "appreciate" Chick-fil-A in Tucson

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  • vet66 posted at 3:46 pm on Fri, Aug 3, 2012.

    vet66 Posts: 18

    Both posters miss the point entirely. It is about first amendment rights to speak your mind and your right to not support businesses that you disagree with. This is not a civil rights issue. It is a disagreement between good folks who have differing views on the biblical meaning of marriage. Strange how the secularist get all up-in-arms about religion when it offends their secular beliefs. Why does the issue become an existential threat to the gay community whenever someone disagrees with them? It is not up to elected officials or activists to decide whether a legitimate business can grow and prosper if it fails to meet the so-called values of a political party. Ask yourself the question; why are you always in need of affirmation from the very people who disagree with you? Have you no self-esteem or self-respect?

    Speaking of values, isn't it the height of hypocrisy for the mayor of Chicago to tout the values of that town when it has more murders than most third world countries? How is that gun control working for you guys there?! Get a grip and grow up. It is not your way or the highway. We can all agree to disagree.

  • BrianClymer posted at 12:00 am on Thu, Aug 2, 2012.

    BrianClymer Posts: 7

    If the people going to Chik-fil-A on Wednesday were worried about defending the Christian faith, weren't they concerned that they were rubbing elbows with someone who doesn't believe in the divinity of Christ (Kwasman who is Jewish) and a divorced man (Williams)? Jesus said nothing about eating chicken as a way of defending the Christian faith, but He sure said a lot about feeding the hungry, welcoming strangers, and showing compassion to the poor, activities which GOP candidates like Kwasman, Williams & McDaniel have neglected.

  • clevergirl43 posted at 5:53 pm on Wed, Aug 1, 2012.

    clevergirl43 Posts: 4


    "I saw with my own eyes that people do care about their freedom in America, even if such views are insulted daily, undermined, omitted by the press, and considered arcane to the progressives.”

    Too bad that freedom and belief in basic human rights doesn't extend far enough to let folks marry whomever they might happen to love, regardless of sex.


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