On Monday, Sept. 26, at about 11:30 p.m., Oro Valley police responded to the area of Shannon Road and Naranja Drive in response to a vehicle that swerved and then crashed into a group of mailboxes. Police went to the address on the car registration and met with a woman who said she was the driver of the car that crashed. She returned to the scene of the accident with police and told them she had lost control of her car and crashed into the mailboxes. Her car had a significant amount of front-end damage and was disabled. She told police her phone’s battery was dead and she used a witness’s phone to call her father, who picked her up and took her home. When asked, she told police she drank two beers earlier in the evening. After taking a couple field sobriety tests, the driver was placed under arrest for suspicion of driving under the influence. She was later cited and released for DUI in physical control to the slightest degree, DUI for having a BAC higher than .08, failure to notify the owners of damaged mailboxes, and criminal damage. Damage to one mailbox was valued at $400; the owners of the other two mailboxes could not be reached.

On Monday, Sept. 26, at about midnight, Oro Valley police responded to an apartment at 8215 N. Oracle Road in response to an unwanted person. The male caller told police there was a woman outside his apartment who had assaulted him five days earlier and was told she would be cited for trespassing if she returned to the apartment complex. He also told police she hit him earlier in the day. Police met with the woman, who was sitting outside the victim’s apartment, and put her in handcuffs. She told police she had visited the victim’s apartment the night before and talked him into coming back to her hotel room, where they had stayed the night together. She said they had argued a little at night and a little in the morning. She said after he left in the morning she followed him from downtown Tucson to his apartment because he had taken money from her and she wanted it back. She also told police that she loved the victim. The victim told police that he did not spend the night with her, and they were not dating. He said he was in downtown Tucson when he ran into the suspect. She later hit him in the face and followed him back home. The suspect was arrested for criminal trespassing and interfering with judicial proceedings, and booked into the Pima County Jail.

On Sunday, Sept. 25, at 12:56 p.m., Oro Valley police met with a victim who said some items had been taken from his truck while it was parked in the 800 block of West Landoran Lane. He told police a laptop, briefcase, cellphone charger and cellphone battery were taken from his vehicle sometime between 8:30 the night before and 8:30 a.m. The victim told police he believed his truck wasn’t locked because there was no damage to the vehicle. The items were valued at $1,675.

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