With the re-election of President Barack Obama, half the nation rejoiced while half stood in disbelief.

As for the latter, referring in general to conservative voters, it was, in many cases, no longer enough to regroup and strengthen the party in which they had cast their vote. Following the election, many conservatives began to shy away from the Republican Party for various reasons, to the point national debate was spurred as to whether the party was “broken.”

In the case of the Conservative Reform Party (CRP) in Oro Valley, newly formed by local resident Anthony Greco, the Republican Party too closely mirrored the Democratic Party, and according to Greco, he was not alone in his assertion.

“I was going to Tea Party rallies, and I would ask folks there if they were conservative, and they’d say ‘yes,’ and I’d ask them if they were disappointed with the Republican Party, and they’d say ‘yes,’” said Greco. “There was no difference in the parties, and that got me thinking.”

Greco said though he associated with the Tea Party, he felt the party focused less on specific solutions than it did on the large problems facing the nation. 

With the goal of creating a distinct conservative party that forms specific solutions to such problems, Greco recently held the party’s first meeting to discuss the country’s issues and establish recruitment efforts. 

“We’ve got it started, and now it’s about expanding,” said Greco.

With 17 members, Greco said the CRP attempts to gain appeal with voters on the center-right of the political spectrum, independents, moderates, libertarians, and young voters. 

While the initial workings are still being finalized, the new party has outlined a number of its early priorities, beginning with calls for constitutional amendments that would establish four-year terms for elected senators and representatives as opposed to the respective six and two-year terms currently in place.

Greco said two-year terms interfere with the nation’s business by requiring excessive time pursuing campaign money, while six-year terms are too prolonged, creating complacency in a fast-changing world. Members would be limited to three terms.

An additional amendment would require that “only persons born to parents who are citizens of the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and the state wherein they reside.”

Among its 15 governing principals, the CRP calls for a reduction in the cost and size of government. 

“We would aim to reduce the cost of government by five percent per year for five years,” said Greco. “This would help do away with bickering and power battles by indicating that the government, including the White House and Congress, would reduce its annual budget a fixed amount.”

The CRP also calls for a five-percent, five-year reduction in tax rates for corporations and small businesses.

On illegal immigration, the CRP advocates for a 1,935-mile fence, armed with border guards, drones, and high-tech surveillance, with stricter penalties outlined for those who assist, provide shelter for, or employ illegal aliens.

Sen. Steve Smith, District 11, said on certain issues, he sees why some conservatives are taking a separatist attitude.

“On things like Jan Brewer’s Medicaid expansion, most Republicans would say, ‘I didn’t like it before, and I still don’t like it now,’” he said. “What’s bad for the Republican Party is when you have to scrap tendencies of the platform, when the day before someone had certain principles and when the election doesn’t go their way, they lose those principles.”

For more information on the Conservative Reform Platform, visit www.1776crp.webs.com.

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