Signs of damage and flooding caused by Sunday night’s monsoon rains could be seen all over the Tucson region Monday morning.

The storm, which toppled telephone poles near the Tucson Mall and cut power to 20,000 Tucson residents also made its presence felt in the outlying towns of Oro Valley and Marana.

Kara Reilly, a spokeswoman for the Oro Valley Police Department, said while she is unaware of any significant damage to occur to town facilities, there were a number of power outages that kept officers busy.

“Lots of alarms, lots of lights out,” she said. “The intersections that had lights out were Pusch View Lane and Oracle Road, Oracle Road and First Avenue, Lambert Lane and First Avenue, and La Reserve and Oracle entering into Home Depot.”  

Reilly said there was only one accident reported on Sunday at Oracle Road and Hardy Road, but noted the accident wasn’t storm related. 

Misti Nowak, Communications Director for Oro Valley, said there were no road closures in town limits, but that a few roads had sediment deposits, which is 

Monsoon, storm, Misti Nowak, Oro Valley, Marana, power outage, Adam Goldberg, Northwest Fire District currently being swept and cleaned with minimal impact to the traveling public. 

Nowak said portions of the Town lost power Sunday night, but that the extent and duration of the power outages are not known at this time. 

Marana was hit slightly harder by the storm, with about 1,800 residents losing power to their residence. 

Northwest Fire District chief Adam Goldberg said fire crews began responding to storm calls at 4:16 p.m., when a power pole and lines went down in Northern Marana, responsible for a significant amount of the outages in the area. No injuries were reported in the case. 

According to Goldberg, four general fire alarm activations went off at northwest businesses between 5 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. as a result of the storm. 

Fire crews also responded to three calls for vehicles stuck in running water. The first call, near Interstate 10 and Camino Del Cerro Road, had two vehicles stuck, with passengers being safely removed from each.

In a later call, crews responded to Ina Road and Silverbell Road, where two occupants, including a six-year-old male were stuck in a wash. Rescue crews removed both occupants to safety. 

Road closures included La Canada just north of Orange Grove, Camino De La Tierra at the Rillito River crossing, and the underpasses at Orange Grove and El Camino Del Cerro under Interstate 10. 

Goldberg said he is unsure how long the closures lasted. No lightning strikes were reported to have touched down in either Oro Valley or Marana.

The northwest area received about two and a half inches of rainfall. 

Riley said there are a number of ways individuals can be cautious in stormy weather. 

-Reduce your speed. 

-Ensure plenty of room between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you.

-Do not enter roadway that has signage posted not to enter.  Per Arizona law, a motorist may be  financially liable for any rescue efforts should you become stuck or stranded.

-If possible, avoid travel in the rain unless absolutely necessary.  

-If you have to be on the road, travel with a cell phone, be familiar with your surroundings and roadway you intend to travel, do not travel through water unless you are absolutely certain of the depth, turn car lights on, wear seatbelts,  and when pulling off the roadway,  pull all the way off the roadway and turn lights off and keep feet off the brakes.

-Ensure that your vehicle is properly maintenance.  Pay particular attention to the condition of your tires and brakes.

Authorities also recomend motorists carry flashlights, water and first aid kit.

For those re-entering the roadway, officials warn motorists to make sure to do so slowly, and remember the roadway will be slippery.

Motorists are also warned to avoid crossing a flooded wash even if not sign is posted.

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