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Huckelberry talks taxes, economic development at chamber breakfast

Welcome to the discussion.


  • DelicateDesert posted at 12:19 pm on Fri, Jul 5, 2013.

    DelicateDesert Posts: 0

    JeffR, I agree. Giving the County more money to mismanage is NOT the solution.
    The Good Old Boys Club in the County needs a good old fashioned kick in the derrière.

  • JerryR posted at 5:13 pm on Thu, Jul 4, 2013.

    JerryR Posts: 10

    If the County was serious about supporting Raytheon they would stop suing Raytheon. The county keeps trying to "jack them up" with excessive taxes. they appeal their property taxes to the county (we all know how that works, unless you're Huckleberry of course). Raytheon next appeals to the state. The state agrees with Raytheon and reduces their tax rate to what it should be, and then of course the county sues Raytheon in superior court to get more taxes out of them. Don't believe me.. here are the links to the cases: ; ; ;

    Chuck has the gall to say he can't fix the roads without more tax dollars. He is the one who has been in charge over the past 25 years as the roads has crumbled. He has mismanged the state HURF funds - give him more tax dollars and he'll just funnel it to his cronies and not fix the roads.


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