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Bathroom argument leads to dispute

Officer with the Oro Valley Police Department arrested one local man for two separate counts of domestic violence after engaging in a verbal argument with his wife.

Just before 3 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 19, OVPD officers responded to a northside apartment complex in regards to a call of a man punching a hole in his bathroom wall. Upon arriving on scene, one officer spoke with the woman, who said that she and her husband were going through a divorce which was not proceeding well, and that while she was putting on makeup on the bathroom her husband yelled at their children for being “rambunctious.”

The woman told the officer that she voiced her displeasure to her husband in regards to his discipline, which she said upset the man. After trying to disengage from the argument, the woman reportedly said that her husband punched a hole through a dividing wall in the bathroom.

In the police report, the officer indicated the presence of a “large hole” in a wall in the apartment’s bathroom, as well as several chunks of drywall and dust on the ground. The officer indicated in his report that the woman had no impact or injury marks on her hands.

Meeting with another officer who was interviewing the husband, it was later discovered that the man indeed admitted to losing control—but because he thought his wife was off to meet another man. After admitting to the damage the man was arrested for domestic violence, criminal damage and disorderly conduct.

Gone Fishing?

One couple tried to make off with more than $250 worth of goods from an area Walmart, though the loss prevention team was hot on the crime, preventing the thieves from taking home their illegal catch.

Around 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 17, OVPD officers arrived at the Walmart located on East Tangerine Road in response to a call of two thieves in custody of the store’s loss prevention department.

According to the report, a man and a woman with a 4-year-old girl entered the Walmart earlier in the afternoon and headed immediately to the home goods department and put a pressure cooker in their cart. The loss prevention employee told the officer that she initially followed the female “because she was acting weird,” and trying to avoid the man she walked into the store with—only speaking with him while in areas of the store with no security cameras.

The loss prevention employee then told the officer that she began following the male suspect into the sporting goods section, where she allegedly observed the man grabbing several fishing poles. After the woman tossed an unknown item into the cart, the two apparently walked through the apparel section before exiting the store without paying.

The officer interviewed both suspects, and the man informed the officer that he was planning on taking a fishing trip in Globe, Ariz., though he knew he did not have the money to pay for the supplies in his cart. He also said the woman he was with had no knowledge of his theft. The woman told a similar story, but was unaware of any potential fishing trip.

Both individuals were cited and released for shoplifting.

Not so cautious stoner lands himself in trouble

One man surely regretted his actions the night of Tuesday, Nov. 15, when parking in a closed lot after hours led to his marijuana, paraphernalia and alcohol to be found in his vehicle.

Just after 10:45 on Nov. 15, an OVPD officer was conducting a routine check of the Pima Canyon Trail Head parking lot when he noticed a pickup truck parked next to the entrance. Focusing his spotlight on the vehicle, the officer went to inspect the truck, and noticed there were no passengers.

As he did so, he indicated in his report that he heard a vehicle start up and saw a pair of headlights come to life. As he returned to his patrol vehicle the officer noted that the vehicle drove through the lot towards his position, coming to a stop and rolling down the driver’s side window.

The officer approached the vehicle to speak with the driver, who asked at what time the park closed. After telling the man that the park had closed nearly two hours prior, the officer noted the smell of “fresh marijuana” emanating from the vehicle. The man told the officer that the drug was not present, but a check with another officer’s K9 unit turned up a bag of marijuana and a glass pipe with a burnt residue. Additionally, officers found a nearly full, open bottle of Tequila.

After being read his rights, the man admitted to owning the marijuana and the pipe, but said that the alcohol likely belonged to a friend. The man was then cited for unlawful possession of marijuana, unlawful possession of paraphernalia and possession of an open container.

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