Northwest Fie District crews responded to the 11,400 block on North Vista Ranch Place near Thornydale and Tangerine Roads just after 4:00pm for a house fire.  The residents were preparing for a dinner party when they saw fire coming from their microwave oven.  The couple and a neighbor who was over for the dinner were able to evacuate safely and call 9-1-1.

The first engine company arrived within 4 minutes and stretched a hose-line into the front door towards the kitchen area.  The crew was met by heavy smoke and fire along the cabinet area above the microwave.  Additional crews arrived and were able to control the fire within 9 minutes of their arrival.  A crew was sent to the roof to ensure that the fire had not spread through the oven vent systems and into the attic space.

Arriving fire crews were also met by an activated residential sprinkler head in the kitchen area.  This system operated as it is designed to by triggering a flow of water in the area and is credited with keeping the fire in check and not allowing it to spread any farther than the area of origin. 

Northwest Fire investigators were able to determine that the fire was accidental caused by a mechanical failure with the microwave.  Damages as a result of the smoke and fire are estimated to be approximately $10,000. The couple, a 68 year-old male and a 60 year-old female, who own the home were displaced as a result of the damages from the fire. 

Northwest Fie District urges everyone to consider installing residential sprinkler systems into their new construction.  Older homes can be retrofitted with sprinkler systems as well.  Always have a charged fire extinguisher at the ready.

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