The three lion cubs at the Reid Park Zoo were recently introduced to their father, Shombay.

After several weeks of having visual contact through a secure barrior out of the public’s eye, Shombay and the lion cubs can now be seen together in the mornings.

According to a press release, Shombay’s curiosity and calmness earned him the opportunity to be interacting with the cubs.

Zoo Keepers started by introducing him to each cub individually, for a short time each morning.

When they were satisfied that dad and all three youngsters could wrestle and play safely one-on-one, zoo keepers carefully started adding cubs to the mix.

The keepers watched very closely for any troubling signs of aggression, but with each successful session took another small step towards reuniting the family.

The gradual introduction will continue each morning at 9 a.m. Visitors arriving at opening stand the best chance to see the lion family up close. Until recently, the lions had solely been kept with mom, Kaya.

Every decision about introductions will be made on a day-by-day basis, but keepers are optimistic about the whole process so far.

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