Governors Brewer and Sandoval
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Governors Jan Brewer (Ariz.) and Brian Sandoval (Nev.) met at the Hoover Dam March 21 to unveil signs that promote the future route of the Interstate 11 (I-11). A project Governor Brewer has enthusiastically championed to better connect Arizona to national and international trade partners, I-11 will serve as the main corridor for commerce and transportation between Mexico, Phoenix and Las Vegas.

“For Arizona to remain globally competitive, it is imperative that we continue to seek and develop opportunities like I-11,” said Governor Brewer. “In addition to serving as the first direct interstate through Phoenix and Las Vegas – and eventually the first Mexico-to-Canada corridor – this project will pay dividends in trade and tourism for our region and nation for generations to come. I thank Governor Sandoval and everyone involved in helping advance this crucial effort.”

The I-11 corridor has been a cornerstone of Governor Brewer’s administration and reflects several core priorities of her economic development policy agenda, including improving Arizona’s competitive edge in a global marketplace; advancing transportation and trade infrastructure needs; and strengthening important international business relations. Mexico, in particular, is Arizona’s largest trading partner. The future I-11 corridor will position Arizona and neighboring states as the preferred route for shipping goods and products while further facilitating the growing tourism marketplace shared between our two states.

I-11 was designated by Congress in June 2012 as part of the federal Transportation Bill. Arizona and Nevada, along with public and private stakeholders, have been working closely and diligently to advance this effort. The states’ Departments of Transportation currently are in the final stages of their joint feasibility study, expected to be completed this year.

“I-11 will not happen overnight, and that is why we are demonstrating our strong support to bring make this critical project happen,” added Governor Brewer. “And I am proud to be the governor to drive it forward.”

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