The Oro Valley Police Department arrested Ironwood High School teacher Melissa Anne Dalton on Tuesday. Dalton, 33, is being charged with four counts of sexual misconduct with a minor.

According to police, the Oro Valley Police Department School Resource Unit was called to investigate an allegation of sexual misconduct involving the teacher and two male students.

The students are 15 and 16-years-old. The alleged incidents occurred on separate occasions in a car and the classroom

The Criminal Investigations Unit completed interviews with all parties involved, and it was determined that there was probable cause to charge Dalton with a crime.

Dalton is the second teacher from the Amphitheater School District to be charged this year for sexual misconduct with a student. David Rogers, of Amphitheater High School, was charge with sexual misconduct with a minor in January for allegedly have sex with a 16-year-old student.

Despite the allegations against Dalton, a statement from Amphitheater School District administration assures that Ironwood Ridge is still a top-notch school.

A statement provided by district spokesman Todd Jaeger said staff and students at Ironwood Ridge High School began the school day today with a combined sense of both betrayal and determination.

“These allegations , as we understand them, are appalling and would certainly offend anyone,” said Jaeger. “They are, notably, terrible aberrations that do not at all reflect the professional dedication and care for young people, which our teachers bring to the school every day.”

The district has placed Dalton on paid administrative leave, pursuant to Arizona law and district policy.

“This is an active, ongoing investigation, and we do not wish to interfere with that investigation, directly or indirectly,” said Jaeger. “We are also mindful of the fact that this incident unfortunately involves several young students who were directly involved. We are sensitive to the privacy interests of them and their families. For these reasons, we will not be commenting about this matter beyond this statement.”

Dalton was taken to the Pima County jail.

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