The Northern Pima County Chamber of Commerce is going back to its roots.

 As of May 1 the chamber changed its name to the Greater Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce, as it was called at the time of its founding 20 years ago, in November 1992.

 “With this change, the Greater Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce is more clearly defining its identity, its brand and its service area,” said Dave Perry, president and CEO of the chamber. “We are focusing on the community where more than half our members reside. This is who we are, who we serve and what we represent. This is where we are relevant, and where we have influence.”

 With the name change, the Greater Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce plans to become a stronger advocate for its members, for all businesses in the region, and for the community at-large. It will continue its work with Oro Valley Town Council and government staff, addressing business concerns and community progress.

“We helped achieve victories on A-frame sign and outdoor display regulations in the fall, and we plan to do more of that work as needed by the business community,” Perry said. “If you do business in Greater Oro Valley, you should be a member of the Greater Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce.”

 The chamber plans to pursue a greater role in economic development activity, working with industry, government and institutional leaders in providing recruitment and reference materials, crafting and promoting a brand for Greater Oro Valley, and helping to expand business opportunities and create new jobs.

The chamber’s public policy committee is taking on a renewed emphasis to examine issues of business and community importance, and to recommend positions on those issues.

The chamber is pursuing designation by the Arizona Office of Tourism as Oro Valley’s official tourism information center. It will continue its efforts to provide information to visitors and people seeking to relocate to the community.

The Greater Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce has 425 active members.

The chamber is already working closely with the Town of Oro Valley, receiving a financial lift in the 2012-2013 tentative budget already approved by the council.

The chamber is slated to receive $25,000 from the Town of Oro Valley.

During a public hearing, resident Don Bristow spoke out against the allocation because the chamber is a private organization, which levies opinions on political issues, and works outside of the Oro Valley community.

Amanda Jacobs, economic development director for Oro Valley, did not return The Explorer’s call for comment.

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