Tucson High Wrestling Coach

Richard Ortiz

Around 11:38 p.m. Saturday night, deputies of the Pima County Sheriff’s Department responded to the 6600 block of South Gila Avenue to check on a report of a suspicious vehicle parked in the area.

When they arrived at the south end of the street, they found a parked van and made contact to check and see if the vehicle was occupied. Inside, they found a 53-year-old male and a 15-year-old female, both only partially dressed. The male was later identified as Richard Ortiz. The initial investigation on scene confirmed the obvious suspicion that Ortiz was involved in sexual activity with the juvenile victim.

Both the victim and Ortiz were taken from the scene for further questioning by detectives of the Sheriff’s Crimes Against Children Unit. They learned that Ortiz had been a wrestling coach for Tucson High School until January of this year and later took on a role of liaison, in which he was still involved in working with students. The victim was a member of the wrestling team and continued to receive private wrestling instruction by Ortiz since March 2012.

Last night, the victim accompanied Ortiz to assist with setting up a special event. At the time Ortiz was supposed to return her back home, he instead took the victim to the south end of Gila Avenue, where he engaged in sexual activity with the juvenile.

Ortiz was arrested for Sexual Conduct with a Minor and was booked into the Pima County Adult Detention Center. The investigation continues.

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