Passengers using Sun Tran, Tucson’s fixed route system, and Sun Van, the comparable paratransit system are now paying higher fares.  At a public hearing held April 12, the City of Tucson mayor and council voted to approve a transit fare increase, intended to generate $1.3 million in revenue to help close a projected budget gap for the City of Tucson in fiscal year 2012.

The new fares went into effect July 1.

Sun Tran’s one-way full fare has increased from $1.25 to $1.50, the express fare from $1.50 to $2, the day pass from $3 to $3.50, and the economy fare from 40 to 50 cents.  The Aero Park fares have remained unchanged.

Sun Van’s one-way full fare has increase from $2.50 to $3, and the low-income fare from 80 cents to $1.

Transfers to Sun Tran Routes 1 through 99 remain free. Passengers transferring to Sun Express Routes 101X through 312X must also pay a 50-cent surcharge. For a detailed list of the fares effective July 1 and express surcharges, visit or by call 792-9222 (TDD: 628-1565).

Based on a Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) Board decision June 9, Sun Shuttle fares also have increased to mirror the fares set on Sun Tran and Sun Van.

Passengers paying the economy cash fare or paying with an economy pass must present proper identification upon boarding.  For information on economy fare eligibility, call 792-9222.

July pass products are on sale at the new rates at Sun Tran’s office and at all pass sales outlets.

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