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Gov. Brewer calling for moment of silence to honor Newtown victims

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  • leonardclark posted at 8:11 pm on Fri, Dec 21, 2012.

    leonardclark Posts: 1

    There was an armed person at Columbine and that person did not stop the lunatics there from their horrible and terrible violence. We need to fully fund mental health care in Arizona and ban hig capacity ammo clips that can hold a hundred rounds and are clearly designed for the battlefield not hunting and not defense. Semi-Automatic weapons should be banned and every weapon in this country should be put on a national registry. One person tried to bring a bomb on a plane with his shoes and now we have to take our shoes off at airports, the latest in a long of mass killings with a gun not even twenty little children and six adults being slaughtered with a military style assault weapon and hig capacity ammo clip is enough to move our politicians and the lunatic leaders of the NRA ! Ban Assault weapons in Arizona with high capacity ammo clips and fully fund mental health care !


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