Town considers break with county animal control
Randy Metcalf/The Explorer, Jennifer Flocco, searches for a pit bull or a Chihuahua at the Pima Animal Care Center. She was visiting Tucson from Philadelphia.

The Marana Town Council voted not to renew their contract with Pima County to provide animal control services. Instead the town will create their own animal control department.

The vote was 5-2, with Roxanne Ziegler and Herb Kai objecting.

The town was concerned with rising costs from the county combined with customer service that they found unacceptable. The town has seen the cost of animal control services from the town rise from $10,000 less than a decade ago to over $230,000 this fiscal year. The estimated cost for the town to run their own service in 2018 is $212,000 with an initial cost of about $156,000 to get things started. The town estimates a return of at least $75,000 in licensing fees, which they would now handle themselves.

The town would hire two full time animal control officers, purchase at least one vehicle and build temporary kenneling facilities. The town would contract with the Humane Society for sheltering and veterinary services.

Several people spoke out in favor of remaining with Pima County, mostly due to their concerns no longer utilizing Pima Animal Care Center, which they feel is better equipped to take in Animals from the community, as opposed to the Humane Society which typically takes in adoptable animals.

Marana will take over their own animal control services on July 1.

The Marana News will have more on this story in the March 22 edition. 

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