Dan Dudley has over thirty years of experience practicing law. He is the former town attorney for The Town of Oro Valley, the former chief counsel for the state legislature, and the former chief corporate counsel for a national insurance company. In those capacities he defended or directed the defense of individuals and entities accused of intentional or negligent acts resulting in serious personal injuries.

Dan’s life was subsequently changed forever due to the carelessness of others and the resulting amputation of three of his limbs. He teetered on the brink of death for weeks following his injuries and he remained hospitalized for another four months during which he began to adjust to those physical changes with the support of his family, friends and the knowledgeable hospital staff.

Upon release from the hospital it quickly became apparent that if he was to return to any semblance of his previous life he would need to devise alternative strategies to accomplish the activities of daily living he had taken for granted before his life altering injuries. As a result of his injuries and the physical limitations brought about by those injuries he understands at both the intellectual and visceral level the impact of catastrophic life altering physical changes to his clients’ lives. That understanding combined with his personal motivation makes Mr. Dudley uniquely qualified to assist individuals who have suffered serious life-altering injuries as a result of the intentional or careless act of another.

While Dan and his dedicated staff cannot prevent serious injuries to you or a loved one, Dan and his staff can and will do everything in their power to seek financial justice for their clients.

Dan is available for after hours appointments and in special circumstances out-of-office appointments for seriously injured individuals.

Dan is located at 1801 West Ina Road. He can be reached by phone or email at, 544-4446 or Ddudley-law@qwestoffice.net.

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