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The Tucson area real estate market is on an upward trend!  Compared to the same time last year, prices in the Foothills are up 11% and closings are up 29%. In Oro Valley prices are up 8% and closings are up 8%. The market is expected to continue its upward momentum in 2013.

Considering selling your home? Now is historically a busy time in the Tucson area real estate market. In addition to full time residents, our winter visitors are also looking to purchase properties. If you are considering selling your property, placing it on the market now will enable you to access these buyers. Contact Lisa at (520) 668-8293 for a comprehensive and personal sales plan for your home.


Below are tips to maximize the sale of any home

Price: Price is the most important component of a successful sale. When considering the market value of a property, obtain a Comparable Market Analysis “CMA” from your Realtor. A good CMA will list what every comparable home, in the area, has sold for in the past 6 months. Of course the value of every home varies, but a CMA is a good starting point when considering price. Understanding a home’s fair market value is crucial since buyers can’t obtain mortgages for more than the property’s appraised value. Further, listing a home for much greater than market value and then repeatedly dropping the price often signals weakness to buyers. 

Realtor: A good Realtor must have the time to devote to a sale. A seller’s Realtor should be able to devote the necessary time to market a property and provide potential buyers with the information they request. A good Realtor will also be able to communicate with, advocate for and guide their clients through the sale process.

Condition: It is essential a home is on the best possible condition before it is placed on the market. Any problems sellers are aware of should be corrected before a home is put on the market. Addressing problems early is important since the sale of a home is usually contingent upon inspections.

Appearance: The appearance of a home is vital to its sale. Before a home is placed on the market, it should be cleaned and both clutter and personal items should be removed. Seller’s personal items usually make it harder for buyers to imagine themselves and their belongings in a home.

Photos: Most buyers view homes for sale on the internet before they visit them in person. As a result, a buyer’s first impression of a home is determined by the photos. It is essential that a home’s photos are of the highest quality and present the home in the best manner possible.

Considering buying or selling a home? Contact Lisa Bayless at (520) 668-8293 for a free market evaluation. Lisa will make your real estate transaction a success.

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