How I came to Zounds literally started with an accident, 35 years ago.  

At a young age, while flying with a slight cold, my ear became severely pressurized. Over days, it worsened.  Eventually, instead of the drum bursting, the inner ear burst.  That caused me to lose almost all hearing in one ear except the lowest frequencies. I couldn’t hear the dial tone on the telephone.

Since lows were unhurt, and the highs were severely compromised, I would never benefit from using a hearing aid.  All that changed with multi-channel, digital hearing aids.

The evening I returned home wearing my first Zounds hearing aid the improvement completely changed my life.  Sounds were more life-like than with any other hearing aid I had worn. Sounds of birds singing, water splashing, rustling leaves, and bubbles bursting over ice cubes seemed to surround me completely.  Most of my hearing was restored with clarity and needed power.  I didn’t even realize I had long forgotten what such sounds sounded like. Not only could I hear birds chirping, I could hear where they were.

For the first time in 35 years, that ear became useful again.  Not only could I hear the dial tone, I could carry on a telephone conversation using that ear.

Wearing a Zounds hearing aid is completely different. The 16-channel programming and correction spectrum up to 8,000 Hz matched my loss and correction perfectly. 

Every Zounds aid operates with 57 specialized patents to improve the ability to hear clearly. These patented processes improve the quality of hearing through: 

• Aggressive noise suppression

• Echo suppression

• Feedback control

• Crystal clear clarity bringing back the soft sounds in speech

• Impact loudness control

• Comfortable, soft fittings for the ear.


Others find the same problems with hearing aids that I did.

“My hearing aids don’t work when it’s noisy.”

Zounds reduces up to 90% of unwanted background noise depending on the environment, hearing aid presets and some other factors.

“My hearing aids squeal when something is near my ear, like a phone or hand.”

Patented dynamic feedback cancellation stops squealing even at high-level volumes.

“I still can’t hear hearing many soft sounds and words.”

Zounds hearing aids provide a 20% broader and clearer correcting spectrum than any other hearing aid, at any price.

“Batteries are expensive, very hard to replace and have to be replaced every few days.”

Zounds developed the world’s smallest and longest lasting rechargeable battery.  When it eventually needs replacing, we will replace it FREE.  You will never again buy or change another hearing aid battery.

“All hearing aids are too expensive.”

Zounds is the only retail company that actually makes its own hearing aids.  All others represent another manufacturer.  That alone saves $1,000s off the price of new hearing aids.

I want to provide the experience effective hearing aids can bring to others. That is why I bought a Zounds Hearing Center.  Call (520) 829-7800 today for a FREE hearing exam and see for yourself what Zounds hearing aids can bring back into your life.

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