Cousin of legendary pop superstar Andy Warhol, Monica is her own pop phenomenon in her own right, who never stands still in the pursuit of art. Her work will be on display on Saturday, April 6 through April 8, at the Rancho Linda Vista Gallery, located at 1955 W. Linda Vista, in Oracle.

Mother of five and assuredly sleep deprived, Monica’s work  encompasses deeply personal and political frameworks, as she muses on love, loss, memory, humor, and not taking oneself too seriously.  

One of her earliest memories was drawing under the table during family altercations as spaghetti was flung against the wall.  Art was an escape and an inspiration to her during trying times in her youth.

Monica Mary Warhol was born one month early, but only one day after Andy Warhol’s August 6 birthday, in Pittsburgh.

She grew up blue collar, daughter of a city cop, and immersed in the cultural richness of the rust belt.

Her beloved aunt Betty (Andy’s first cousin), born the same year as Andy in 1928, inspired and influenced her.  She heard about her cousin Andy, who was often spoken of with fascination by her aunts; it seems he grew up misunderstood.  

She graduated from a Catholic high school and studied theater at Point Park University, and was involved with the cutting-edge improvisational groups The Susquehanna Hat Company and Friday Night Improv.  

By her 20s, the name Warhol became a hard one to follow, so she turned off her GPS and struck out on her own.

Monica is an original, and like Andy, copies and repeats images that transit her imagination and project her artistic voice into the world.  These are often familiar images that we all share, and she is committed to a vision of inclusion that perpetuates social, commercial, and philanthropic aspects, continuing Andy’s mission.  

Monica is an attraction in herself, an extension and a new member of the breed/brand Warhol. Asked if she is Pop royalty, she stated, “If I am, my crown would come from Burger King because they serve pop, and they’re non-exclusive, and I’d like to buy the world a Coke, in perfect harmony.”  Her art is for everyone.

Monica works closely with muse and musician Randall Swindall of Ensphere, a trip-rock band from Tucson whose unique blend of music, theater, pyrotechnics, and multi-media spectacle, and the two are just beginning what should be a fruitful collaboration of music and the visual arts.  Ensphere will also play at the festival.

For more information on the upcoming show, visit the website at

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