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When North decided to redo it’s menu, and restaurant décor, I have to admit I was a little skeptical. This Fox Restaurant holds a soft place for me as it became a regular stop when my husband and I would sneak off for a Sunday brunch date.

So, needless to say, I was hesitant to try the new menu. 

However, that quickly dissipated as I’ve tried several things on the menu for many lunches.

Over the course of several visits, we’ve tried several appetizers to start, with two of them standing out. 

The Chef’s Board ($16) is a favorite for the entire table just because of the variety of items on the tray. The chef’s selection includes two meats, two cheeses, nuts and, a personal favorite, apricot spread.

The second appetizer that is my new favorite would be North’s unique take on bruschetta ($9). Being a fan of bruschetta, which means I traditionally try it anywhere I go, I couldn’t avoid North’s. North’s recipe includes crescenza cheese, asparagus and prosciutto di parma. Ask for a side of basalmic vinegar to give this appetizer that could be a meal in itself just an added kick.

For a main course, North offers a variety of salads, pizzas and sandwiches that can you leave you satisfied for the second part of your work day, or ready for an afternoon of golf.

A standout on the sandwich menu is the grilled chicken ($10), which comes with apricot mostarda, arugula and smoked mozzarella. The chicken is nice and juicy, cooked to delight, and the apricot mostarda is an excellent touch.

On the pizza menu, which is also offered for dinner, one can try the margherita pizza ($12), or the eggplant parmesan pizza ($14). The only comment I have for the margherita pizza is that it needs more basil, but that is a common complaint I have for this type of pizza at most restaurants.

On the salad menu, there are also plenty of choices for those wanting something a little lighter. From a grilled chicken salad, to a ceasar to a creative heirloom salad ($8-$12), most are very satisfying.

When all is said and done, the food North offers is pleasing to the eyes and definitely appetizing. However, the main problem we’ve had with the location is price. Some of the sandwiches, appetizers and salad could be priced lower. Sometimes it’s hard to swallow the bill, especially when a small salad costs $12.

North is located at 2995 E. Skyline Dr. For information, lunch and dinner menu, visit the website at, or call 299-1600 to make reservations.

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