It was the first day of spring, and as it has been for the past month, the day was warm. A few appetizers along with some cold beers were in our sights as we took off toward Colt’s Taste of Texas for our monthly Sippin’ Social event.

Once arriving at the location, 8310 N. Thornydale Road, Tucson, AZ 85741, we forwent the main restaurant to participate in the happy hour specials, which were only available in the bar. 

The dimly-lit bar was filled with ample seating along with an exorbitant amount of televisions to watch, including the main projection screen that filled an entire wall with its display.

The draft beers and well drinks were $.50 off each, along with a discount on wines. They were also running a special on Sam Adams and Coronas.

When there aren’t any unique or local beers available, I usually default to Dos XX amber. All of the 12 draft beers are available in 16 oz. ($3.50) and 25 oz. ($5.25) mugs. 

My co-worker Hannah McLeod ordered a Shock Top, and shortly thereafter, the chilled glasses of filled beer arrived. 

Dos XX amber is light and refreshing. It was crisp and delicious with squeeze of lime added to it. It was a perfect way to begin relaxing and enjoying the company of a couple of local residents who joined us.

Hannah’s Shock Top, which was garnished with an orange wedge, was sweet, refreshing and quenched her thirst.

The bar-only happy hour included 15 starters, which ranged from $3.75 to $7, and eight sandwiches that were $6 or $7. 

Needing some food to accompany our drinks, we put in an order of the steak fingers basket ($7), which came out with fries, along with a side of ranch and a side of cocktail sauce that was originally mistaken for ketchup.

They were served hot and crispy, with a batter that wasn’t covered with much seasoning. The steak, which tasted fine, but was a little tough, did the flavor talking, along with the creamy ranch for this dish.

The jalapeño poppers ($5) were ordered a little while later and came out piping hot. The temperature and pepper heat from these were quickly put out with another round of beers. 

The six poppers were served with a jalapeño prickly pear jelly that was cool, sweet, and paired perfectly with the poppers. Some could find the heat from the peppers a little much, but even so, the cream cheese and the ranch cool the mouth very nicely.

For someone looking for a place to enjoy some decently priced beers, with a variety of bar food to choose from, this neighborhood bar fits the bill as you take in the sports on one of the many screens.

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