'No Love, No Charity, the Success of the 19th Child'
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There were many times in his life when Paul Lamar Hunter could have given up. A child of poverty, he describes himself as a product of abuse and dysfunction, yet he has never given up and instead kept working.

Hunter is the 19th of 21 children and is the lone sibling to get a four-year college degree. After the business he worked for sent his job to Mexico, Hunter went back to school and got his college degree. After years of being told what he could not do or given excuses not to do things, Hunter did what the doubters told him would never happen.

Hunter chronicled his life in the book “No Love, No Charity, the Success of the 19th Child.”  The Glendale native will discuss his book and life on this Friday’s “Morning Blend” on both KGUN 9 and CW58.

He’s excited to do the show. He was initially approached to do it about three months ago, but schedule conflicts made it impossible. When they called again they presented a list of dates, and he chose May 9,in part because of the proximity with Mothers Day.

“The book is as much a parenting book as it is a biography,” explained Hunter. “It gives the do’s and don’ts parents must know. Whether you have kids or will have kids it will help them become better parents.”

Hunter grew up in what he describes as a “dysfunctional family” that was rife with “a lot of adversity, a lot of drama.”

His mother was well known in his community for her work with a local homeless shelter, but Hunter says she “was more worried about the homless shelter than her children.” He describes an upbringing where there was not always enough food and he and his siblings not only shared clothes, but often shared toothbrushes. Both his father and a brother died while he was young, further adding to the struggle, but he does not use it as an excuse.

“I explain the trials, tribulations and adversity in my life,” said Hunter. “I share the story coming from my dysfunctional family. I am not a victim, but a victor.

“I share my experiences to give other young people hope to not give up on education and inspire them. It is possible to come from the hood and be successful. It is possible for them to graduate from high school. It is possible for them to graduate from college. It is possible to become the President or the CEO of a company.”

Using his story to inspire is what he hopes to continue to do. He has had discussions to turn the book into a feature film. He is also hoping to go into schools and tell his story and inspire students as a motivational speaker.

His first chance to motivate Tucson will be on Friday on the Morning Blend.

The Morning Blend is seen at 9 am on CW58 and 11 am on KGUN 9. His book is available via most online book serives including Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, iTunes, as well as being available for the Nook and Kindle.

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