iPhone 5s

Over the past 37 years, Apple has transformed itself into a trend-setting and trail-blazing conglomerate of cool. The company’s cream of the crop, the iPhone, has helped not only shape the world of technological gadgets, but also the world of broad entertainment. iPhones have become more than phones and more than computers. The pocket devices have helped pave the way for entirely new avenues of entertainment. It grants users instant access to celebrities, state of the art video games, sporting events, downloadable music, etc. But there is much uncertainty within the post-Steve Jobs era. Questions of whether or not Apple will continue its magic streak of success are looming, and all eyes were on Cupertino on Sept. 10 when Apple held a conference for a special announcement.  

Apple announced the unveiling of its newest addition to the iPhone family, the iPhone 5s. The new gadget capitalized on a few opportunities for improvement, further bridging the gaps for entertainment seekers.

The latest phone’s 64-bit A7 processor is believed to increase the device’s overall speed twofold from that of its predecessor. The faster speed of the 5s will enhance video game play, a perk that Apple was quick to highlight with a demonstration through graphic-filled game Infinity Blade III. The improved speed of the 5s will also help run those hefty programs that slow down performance such as Netflix and YouTube. 

A new Touch ID feature enables the unlocking of the phone through fingerprint recognition. Not only does this keep the phone’s overall usage out of the wrong hands, but it also grants increased security before the purchase of new apps, games, and music.

A state of the art M7 motion chip has also been placed in the 5s. Though the intention of this new chip is to enhance health and fitness apps, one cannot help but speculate that the constant motion tracking may soon pave the way for motion activated video game play in the future.   

In addition, Apple unveiled its more affordable model, the iPhone 5c. The 5c is essentially the iPhone 5, only with a new line of colors and plastic coating that makes the device more economical. The significance of the 5c is that it places the far-reaching possibilities of the iPhone in the hands of a wider range of consumers. 

Despite the fresh and exciting announcements from Apple, much of its clientele was underwhelmed. The 5s failed to wow those looking for the latest and greatest ideas and visions that have become a staple of the Apple business model. The most common complaint with the iPhone 5s is understandable. Consumers want to view movies, read celebrity tweets, watch sporting events, and play video games, all on a larger screen. This time around, Apple failed to capitalize on this demand of the people, which will surely cause them to lose customers to HTC, Samsung, and other competitors. 

In the wake of Apple’s announcement, the company’s stock sank. It would appear that the company is not innovating, and the market is beginning to notice. But Apple may have a few aces up its sleeve. Rumors have been circulating that the company has been hard at work prepping the launch of an iWatch, as well as a television set. Given the current market and consumer anxieties in the post-Jobs era, it may be time for Apple to put these ideas into motion. It may be time to bring out the big guns.

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